(students were not compensated for their comments :)

Quietdrive guitarist - Justin Bonhiver- Mike is not only a guitar teacher, he is a life coach.  He figures out where your at, meets you there, and builds you up into the best you can be, supporting you like a best friend along the way.  He gave me the confidence and knowledge to live my dreams.   

Terri B.- Here’s a story for you, my son, Andrew, (Kelly’s student) has begged for guitar lessons for years.  I thought that piano lessons MUST come first.  I signed him up at a local music store and it lasted all of 6-7 lessons.  He hated it.  I held my ground for a couple of years and then Santa brought an electric guitar with amp for Andrew.  In that package we found a card for Pitch Fever and I gave you guys a call.  I have zero regrets for doing this.  He is on one of his guitars everyday.  Grandpa requested a song, “Folsom Prison” and he is learning it by ear, thanks to Kelly.  Hats off to Pitch Fever!

Sandy J. - Four years ago when I started taking lessons from Mike, I thought that no one would be able to measure up to my last guitar teacher, even though Mike had been highly recommended by my other teacher.  But Mike has far surpassed just “measuring up”.  He is a great guitar player, teacher and person.  The things that impress me the most about Mike are:  he is forever striving for fun, new and creative ways to teach that meets the needs of everyone (jam class, rock band experience, on-line guitar, belt ranking system), he is a great role model for kids, his guitar knowledge and skills are way up there, and he is an extremely nice person that can teach any aspiring student guitar and make them feel comfortable and valued.  PS My son has taken lessons from Mike and he thinks Mike is pretty cool too.

Shane B.- I originally took lessons at Schmitts music in Brooklyn Park with Myke in our little cube of learning. It was a small space no more than 5 X 5 and yet i already felt a real connection. Myke knows exactly how to connect to his students and make them feel welcome. He is an amazing teacher that's open to anything, and will push you to strive to things you never even dreamed of. He was the first person, teacher or otherwise, that was willing to fully learn a Dream Theater song with me, and in my book, that makes him the best. I look forward to lessons with Myke, it's the highlight of my week. Once, it was just me, no mode of transport, and a mile and half bike ride with a 14 lb bass on my back and 90 degree heat. If this were any other destination, i dont think i would have made the trek, but it was so important to me to get to my lesson, that I manned up and rode to Schmitt on my bike. If a teacher can get you to want to go through extreme obstacles to obtain their tutalage, that, is what makes a great instructor. Myke told me that we would be moving to a new place, located in Maple Grove. This was far from my house and my parents were hessitant to transport me there and back every week. Though, we decided to go through with it and move from Schmitt, to Pitch Fever music academy. Pitch Fever is the single greatest place I have ever had the privalage to learn music in my life.It has large open areas to learn and is very comfortable. It is a very low key and loving atmosphere. It's a very personal area where Myke and I are not afraid to discuss anything, whether it be of music or otherwise. What I have come to realize from taking lessons from Myke is, he is more a friend than a teacher. I consider him truly one of my friends. He is an honest and caring man that truly want whats most conducive to students learning. Whether this be teaching in an abstract style, or relating musical knowledge to video games or movies. Myke really identifies with the kids that love music, and love to learn. He wants them to feel like they can tell him anything, and, we do. I have been a student for only a little over 2 months now, and I already consider it a privalage and an honor to learn at Pitch Fever Music Academy.  

Wyatt S. (updated)-Mike has been both my guitar and music teacher the past three or four years, for he is not only a skilled guitarist, but a skilled composer as well, and well trained in music theory I might add. Sometimes at lessons I just learn more about music than anything to do with guitar, which is very fun because after learning so much of the realm of music from Mike, just playing guitar can feel very limiting. So Mike and and I dig deep into a lot of music theory and composition. I've not only learned the technical side of music from Mike, but also a deeper more personal side to the composition of music and performance that I would have never seen when I first walked into Mike's... eh... 'cubicle thing'. -

Jen Perez. - Mike is a fantastic teacher, unlike others, I have noticed the way Mike teaches is by not only listening to me but actually seeing how I learn best, and utilizing that to help me succeed. That's the mark of a fantastic teacher, not someone who is bound only to the tired and true, sticking to something that has worked 78% of the time but rather someone who can adapt to others and feel what they need, working with them based on thier needs. I can honestly say Mike is the best teacher I have ever had in any subject and I love how he can just go with the flow, he can switch gears and tactics to help me learn different things and teach me not only the fun way but the right way. I feel so lucky to have gotten him as a teacher by a pure stroke of luck by taking a lesson at Schmitt and I would recommend him to everyone that's interested in learning, nomatter what age or skill level.

Sarah B. - Mike is an awesome person. He's taught me so much on guitar and drums. Not only is he a great teacher but he has become a great friend to me as well. Lessons with him are definitely fun!!!

Megan S. - Mike is more "off-the-hook" than all other teachers!!! It is fun to sit in the same room as a great thinker/ teacher. He knows everything (well almost). His taste in music is great, so it benefits when wanting to learn new things.

Kyle M. - It's fun because Mike will pretty much do whatever you want to learn about when it comes to guitar. Learn songs, scales, whatever. And he has good methods of memorizing chords and stuff.

Paul H. - Mike is outta sight man, he know a lot about football, life, and oh yeah.. guitar. He's the man when it comes to teaching you guitar.

Brant J. - I enjoy coming to music lessons not because of the music but talking about things with Mike. I learn a lot of things from him which will help me in life. I hope I still can get lessons even though I'm going to college. I have to say Mike is a tight guy. He is wise in many ways, full of knowledge of questions that need to be answered and he will answer all of them.

Whitney R. - I like taking lessons because it's fun to get away from everything else in my life once a week. The outcome is fun to see and Mike is so much more "off-the-hook" then my other teacher.

Jack A. - Lessons w/ Mike are sweet. He not only teaches you very well, but he also is fun to talk to and joke around with so he's not all work and no play guy, he's all around good. And he's great as a teacher so I learn a lot.

Mike M. - Mike is currently helping me reach my goal of playing in a band and going pro.

Nick B. - Once a week I can slip away from the routine and open myself into a talent I have molded my life into. Lessons with Mike over the years have more than paid off for me. The one-on-one instruction gave me more than knowledge of music, a great friend, and a life of promising a career outside of a cubicle.

Clark A. - Lessons with Mike has been something fun to do during the week. The good part about it is you can jam nonstop, learn things, and play for the ladies:) Mike is also a funny guy. I couldn't imagine learning from anyone else.

Brian D.- Guitar lessons with Mike are fun, easy, but you must practice, practice, practice, practice!! "PRACTICE I SAY."

Tim T. - I like it because it keeps me on track with what I should be practicing. Also, I like how Mike knows so many different styles so he can help me with any of my ever changing musical tastes.

Katie P.- I like lessons because I can learn new things every day. I can explore the theory and basics behind what I'm playing in jazz and there are only two people in the room so all my questions get answered (and all my mistakes noticed!).

Daniel P. - Guitar is fun to play and I like learning new songs.

Katie H. - I've been playing guitar for about a year now, and I have to say, I've enjoyed every minute of it. Mike is a great teacher. Not only is he a cool guy, but he knows how to assign music that you want to play AND learn from. I hope to be taking lessons for years to come.

Aaron K. -Lessons w/ Mike are fun. Mike allows me to express myself. It's not a waste of time for me.

Desree S. - Lessons are fun because you can go in with a question and it's easily answered plus if you have a song you really wanna learn and the online tab sucks, Mike can tab it right ;P

Rachel E. - I like lessons because they help me learn new things.

Josh - I like lessons because I can learn stuff I want to and I can learn at my own pace.

Joe H.- I enjoy coming to guitar lessons because I like the sense of learning something new. I always have something new to practice or show off to my friends and family.

Theresa K. - Well I like lessons because umm. I like learning to play guitar because I've wanted to learn for so many years and I'm happy that I'm finally getting to.

Matt M.- It's AWESOME!! I have done both group and private lessons and I think you learn a lot more of a variety in private because you learn a lot faster so you get done with stuff earlier than you do with group lessons.

Aaron D.- Lessons are cool because I come each week and Mike really get to know my musical tastes and we work on my guitar wants and needs together. Lessons are really cool.

Christie P. - I like lessons because you get to learn a lot of stuff. And I like to play guitar so I like to come here.

Chris M. - The main thing that I like about lessons with Mike is that it's not just about the music I give him. Sometimes we can just talk about some random topic, with Mike putting in his personal knowledge.

Dana D. - I like going to guitar lessons because every week I learn something new. Mike's always got new skills to teach, some good stories, helpful advice on life, and an open mind. At lessons, I get to play the songs I want to. I never had a piano teacher that supported my favorite metal bands :-)

Nick Br. - I prefer lessons with Mike over other teachers because he teaches both the technical stuff that you need to know, and the fun stuff like songs. Most teachers only teach one or the other which sucks and usually makes you want to quit.

Loren J. -

The right instructor

The right program

Your goals

It is amazing to me with all the guitar players I have met and played in bands with, why so many are not better players than they are. They may play one style very well but have difficulty with other types of music making it difficult to find a fill-in guitar player that can plug it in and turn it up. Sure there are some really good ones, but lets face it, the music stores sell thousands and thousands of guitars every year in America. One would think there would be a great versatile guitar player around every corner. Instead, in a garage sale there's some sort of guitar for sale, or at Music-Go-Round people are bringing them in, or they keep the guitar in the corner "just in case" they want to play someday. I put myself in this category, by now I should be really cooking on the guitar, I played for years but my skill level has just not blossomed. I realize there are many reasons for this. Time to practice seems to be an excuse, and often a real one.

But the biggest factor for success I believe is the right instructor and program. The second biggest is setting goals for your playing. My kids and myself have had numerous music instructors, for piano, guitar and violin. Looking back, we did not have goals that were clear to the instructor or us, and too many times you end up practicing because you have too, not because you wanted too, because of not understanding and keeping focused on your goal. Matching your learning style, your goals and who you are to the instructor is a very important part of success and keep you looking forward to the next lesson. Mike Geronsin does just that. I am so pleased with Mike's ability to teach such diverse styles with a soft approach (patience). There is none like Mike Geronsin, I knew it from the first lesson. My playing has improved greatly in the past six month's, Mike's "Black Belt Program" is wonderful and establishing a core set of tools I need to be a successful diverse guitar player. The goal? to fill in with bands, plug it in and turn it up. I can't wait till the next lesson.