Payment Policy

Here are Pitch Fever, we don't deal in contracts so people pay month-to-month.  Most of our instructors follow a similar payment policy which we'll describe here. 

  • Lessons are to be paid for monthly preferably during the first week of the month.  
  • The amount will always be the same and will cover 4 lessons in that month. 
  • Occasionally there are 5 lesson days in a month.  The instructor will miss one of those lessons and will give you notice of when this will happen.    
  • Make up lessons (or credits) are only required if the instructor misses any of the 4 lesson days in that month.  Make ups are NOT required, but can be held IF the instructor is willing, when the student misses for any reason or for a national holiday.   
  • There is a one time $25 registration fee that applies when you begin taking regularly scheduled lessons. 
  • Please let your instructor know a month in advance if you plan on stopping lessons.  It gives us a chance to fill the time spot before month's end.